the look of the 80's - Ági Vedres

Minimum-maximum, Budapest 1986 ( the paperwatch always shows
the exact
time and your emotional balance - that was my real watch)

Sweet country, Jásd, Hungary 1986

Sweet country, Jásd, Hungary 1986

Sweet country, Jásd, Hungary 1986

Mom and fish, Budapest, 1984

Object culture, Budapest 1983

Hungarian mirror, Budapest 1986

Photos © Ági Vedres

Yes! These pictures by Ági from the 80's knocked me off the chair. I am still on the floor trying to understand what happened. Please send us more stuff like this and we will set up a sideshow about the 1980's. This is getting more and more interesting. - Mr Urbano


Rhonda Boocock said…
a profound look into the 80's- Thank you Ági!
Anonymous said…
Like the Hungarian mix. Especially Dorethea...keep them coming Guru x
Paolo Saccheri said…
some wonderful photos!!
I like most Mum and the fish!!
Mr Urbano said…
I think that one reason why I like this series so much is that I get a feeling it is very honest
I imagine a very young Ági leaving the countryside for the big city -
an experience she shares with millions of people if not billions

Also reminds me of a film
called Fucking Åmål

there is a sequence in the film where one of the teenage girls says something like: "Ohhhh I am so booored with Åmål(a small town), I want to go to Stockholm and begin to take drugs"
Well, you have to see the film to understand the context
Vedres Ági said…
Rhonda, thank you.
Guru x, waiting for.
Paolo, you're the second, who loves my Mum's pict.
Mikael, thanks.
Mr. Urbano, let's do a movie from it, why not. thank you for your nice sentences.