Sarah Graffman - The 80's reinvented

Self Portrait by Sarah Graffman born 1989.

This is from something I wrote in November 2009:

"I went to galleri ikon where Joakim Strömholm was holding a "finissage" of his exhibition "Looking Back". I asked a young woman, who was serving wine and snacks, if Joakim was around. He had just left the building for a couple a minutes, so I exchanged a few words with the young woman.
It turned out that she was Joakim´s daughter Sarah and of course the grand daughter of Christer Strömholm. It was a bit of magic to meet her and speak a few words about her father and grandfather - two great photographers that I admire.

I asked Sarah if she was planning a career as a photographer - she smiled and said "probably not, in any case it is quite a challenge to walk in the footsteps of granddad and father."

But here she is, in the 591 Photography Spring Exhibition of 2010. And I can assure you that it is not because of her famous grandfather or father - this picture hit both Rhonda and me immediately. Simply wonderful. - Mr Urbano

Sarah with her father Joakim Strömholm, 2009
Photo © Anna Nilsdotter

Sarah with her grandfather Christer Strömholm, 1989
Photo © Joakim Strömholm


Paolo Saccheri said…
a beautiful and imaginative self portrait!
paulboo said…
Delightful :O)