Grandmother and Me - photos by Severus Tenenbaum

See all 20 pictures in this series called "Grandmother and Me" by Severus Tenenbaum.

Her statement made me listen: "If being sane is thinking there’s something wrong with being different… I’d rather be completely fucking mental". I like that. She is photographer Severus Tenenbaum (a pseudonym) born in Östersund, Sweden in 1984.
Her books "Emotions" and "Suspended" have already made a strong impact in Swedish photography.
Her portraits of artists have also been praised - my impression is that she is a photographer who dares to take those additional steps that makes her photos stand out and go beyond the superficial.

I can relate to her photography - even to her as a person. She said in an interview that her role model is her grandmother - the portraits she made of her were like a gift. Grandmother always used to hide from cameras and the only one who was allowed to photograph her was Severus.

Severus has been kind to let me select from her work and I ended up with ten portraits of grandmother and ten self portraits. There are a lot more pictures in her portofolio that I really like. You should visit her website. - Mr Urbano

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Snapshot said…
Yes. Nice to see some difrent kind of photography here on 591. Happy pics
Mikael said…
Nice seies
Michael W said…
Really great grandmother pictures!