Darren Hepburn 'Things in Woods'

Photos copyright Darren Hepburn 2010
invited by B. Rowland

For several years I've seen Darren's photos and it is a great pleasure to present some of his images. I see his work as contemplative, intuitive, poetic, personal and, most of all, understated. There is a strong sense of the presence of the photographer's mind and sensibility with each image.
I asked Darren how he got started with photography and what his photo "process" consists of and he responded:

"Ever since I won my first camera at Broxburn fairground in 1983 (a moment of elation amongst the candyfloss, toffee apples and hot donuts!) photography, for me, has been a journey into process and concept. The process I regard as a ‘means to an end’, a ‘vehicle’ to get from the concept to the final image. I usually work within a preplanned this conceptual ‘framework’, both for individual shots and series. This is worked out beforehand, often over numerous cups of tea. I’m constantly referring to this ‘framework’ whether it is a still life ‘construction’ or photographing in the street. Now, 27 years after I won that little camera, I have to say that 1983 was a good year for mephotography has been a journey with as many offshoots as a grape vine, and has yielded many ‘grapes’ to nourish me along the way."

I think it was a very lucky day for photography when Darren won his camera !

To see more of his work visit: www.polecatmedia.com


Mr Urbano said…
what a great thing Bea to invite Darren!
His work is very dear to me too
Thanks Darren for sharing these pictures from the salvage forests of Scotland - I am amazed to see what you have found there
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Anonymous said…
great work!!
Mikael said…
Great collection Darren