around the table - Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York. Lakeview nursery school for children of working mothers, operated by the Board of Education at a tuition fee of three dollars weekly. Eating lunch which consists of meat and vegetables, milk, prune whip.
Collins, Marjory, 1912-1985, photographer.
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, [reproduction number, LC-USW3-028232-E DLC ]

I found many fine pictures browsing Marjory Collins´work for FSA/OWI. Some of them are on a subject that you may call "around the table". I think it is a subject we should develop a bit further, don't you think? If you have pictures on this subject, send them to 591. See contact page. - Mr Urbano


br said…
thank you for this post...i was not aware of her work. a great subject "around the table"...people living their lives in a communal, familial setting. great!