Micke Berg - the 80's reinvented

"Partida, it was one of those infinite nights in Bilbao. I lived in a shabby hotel, where I would run away from the bill. (I paid for it ten years later). Bilbao was rocked by daily demonstrations and the police settled all up with violence. The little girl stood there like an angel, a candle, in the anticipated violence. Clearly it had to be a picture."

Text and photo © Micke Berg

You will find five pictures by the great Swedish photographer Micke Berg in the 80's exhibition and much more about him on 591 Photography blog, including an interview. If you know Swedish, you should definitely visit his blog - one of the very few blogs I visit every day. - Mr Urbano

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Micke Berg on 591 Photography
Micke Berg's blog MICKEBERGPHOTO

All photos © Micke Berg


Anonymous said…
you should link the thumbs to bigger versions!

Mikael said…
A pleasure as always to take part of Herr Berg´s photos
Mr Urbano said…
you should have a look at the online exhibition Viktor
there you will find the pictures at a proper size ;) and in a context
Anonymous said…
I think Viktor has a point here...
Mr Urbano said…
well you are insistent...
and so is Mr Urbano...:)
it is a choice not to show all the images from the exhibition in full size (only one)

and the Professor agrees he says
Snapshot said…
The pics are so good so it´s enough with thumbnails.
Mr Urbano said…
OK Viktor and Simon
Mr Urbano listens to the readers of 591. And above all to the photographers who participate. And Micke says . the bigger the better ;)