Alicia Estefania - The 80's reinvented

Photo © Alicia Estefania

Alicia says: " This girl called SASSA was born in France, in 1979. She used to go in summer to my little town, Haro, La Rioja ( Spain), to meet her family. She was incredibily fresh and savage, imaginative and clever. She was 9 years old in the picture. She lives now in Gerona ( Spain). She is 31 years old."

I don't have a lot of information to share with you about Alicia Estefania other than she is a Spanish photographer living in Madrid. She has held many exhibitions, but she is not participating a lot on the Internet (we think it is great to find such photographers and be able to present some of their work.)

Alicia Estefania has however written a few words about her pictures in the 80's reinvented. I am glad to share them with you. - Mr Urbano

This girl called Candela was born in 1981 from a peruvian father and a spanish mother. In the picture, taken in 1987, she was 6 years old. She lived for years in Haro, La Rioja. She was sweet, nice and beautiful. Now she lives in Denia, Alicante ( Spain)

This image was taken around 1985-86.This little girl could be 4-5 years old. She was part of a big group of migrant gypsy peope that were living in my town, Haro, La Rioja ( Spain), working in the grape harvest. They stayed there a couple of months, and then left forever. I never saw them again. They never saw the photos. She must be now around 30 years old...

Photos © Alicia Estefania

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