Nervi - and the importance of yellow

Photo © Paolo Saccheri


Mr UUUUUUUrbano said…
wonderful series Paolo
for me living in the north, just seeing limes on a tree is kind of a miracle ;)
makes me think of a song "I wish I was in Italy where tiny, yellow limes grow on the beach...well something like that
And I will never forget the teacher in music classes who made us boys sing it when we were about 13 years old and our voices were changing
the world "yellow" guuuuuula was a very high note

just imagine how it sounded when we tried to sing it
(I guess the teacher was some sort af a sadist) ;)

Jag längtar till Italien, till Italiens sköna land,
där små citroner gula, de växa uppå strand,
där näktergalar drilla
allt uti dalen stilla,
och snäckorna så röda, de lysa uppå sand.

Birger Sjöberg, 1825-1929 (Sweden)
Paolo Saccheri said…
Of course you are invited here any time Mr Urbano...

I'll bevery pleased to show you the thousands colors of my place.
Rhonda Boocock said…
what an amazing series - yellow seems very important all of a sudden!
Vedres Ági said…
Paolo, what you've done!!!
Yellow blue
something happened with you.
I feel.