poster by Vera FehérSpring will arrive on March 14

Dear readers, photographers, all people around 591,

Please help us to publish this poster in real life! You can download and print it, even in black and white. Size is A4, colour mode is cmyk.

It would be very honorific to see this on real walls.
Don't miss the promising Spring Exhibition, but keep your fingers crossed!

You may download the large version of the poster if you click on this thumb. Thanks!


Mr Urbano said…
the poster is a beauty Vera
Rhonda Boocock said…
amazing poster Vera!
Vedres Ági said…
thank you Vera.
Paolo Saccheri said…
You have surpassed yourself with this poster!

It's just fabulous!!!!!
br said…
a great poster, Vera!!! good work and an important contribution to the '80s exhibition!!!
vera fehér said…
:))) I'm so glad that you like it. Thanks!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Hi Vera, as my printer was nearly out of yellow I hade to rearrange it, trying to keep the typical 80's look and got another version that looks much more "blueish" than this.
I hope you won't blame me for that. I'm also dropping B&W copies of the poster hither and thither around Milan wishing to gather as much as curious we can.


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