William Gedney (1932-1989)

While looking at one of my favorite sites, America Suburb X, I discovered an amazing photographer and now I'm hooked looking at his images. Though William Gedney did not become very famous until after his death, he created thousands of poignant, real photos from 1950 - 1989.  There are 50,000 of them collected on the Duke University site covering a multitude of subjects  including photographs of cross country road trips; rural New York; Manhattan; Brooklyn; rural Kentucky; Hippies in San Francisco; composers; gay rallies and demonstrations; St. Joseph's School for the Deaf; India; England; Ireland; France; and, a large number of nocturnal pictures. Be sure and check out some of his images as well as some of the other photographers featured on America Suburb X.   -Rhonda


br said…
what a fabulous find!! i was not familiar with his photography. His work has the rare combination of being documentary and personal at the same time. thank you, Rhonda.
Mr Urbano said…
a great find Rhonda
Mikael said…
Very nice, did not know of him either so thank´s for introducing me, will certainly have a closer look