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Another so called photographer sent this picture. Her name is Mia Galde. I will keep it short this time.

The motif: It is not beautiful at all. The man with a beard looks sleepy, almost apathic. And why is his hand on his head? He is pointing a finger at something that is outside of the frame - it could have been interesting to know what it is.

The composition: It is a very poor composition dear Monica. All the lines in the picture are vertical and the main motif ( the apathic man) is centered! You should know that it is a death sin to center the main motif.

Conclusion: Dear Maria - have you seen the film Sound of Music? It was filmed in your country Switzerland (or was it Austria?) In any case there are many beautiful things in Switzerland (or Austria) that you ought to photograph. Perhaps photography is not what you should do for a living? Have you thought about becoming a hairdresser, an assistant of some sort or an air stewardess? I mean a job that is more suitable to a woman.

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mia said…
Without pointing finger at anyone.. As Winston Churchill said; "The best lesson life taught me is that the idiots often are right." Considering a career as a housemaid now.. ;)
the Professor said…
Dear Margareth
I could need some help to take care of my huge collection of fibre prints
that I have made of my excellent photos (dated 1926-1958)
Perhaps you would consider to be my assistant?
mia said…
Thank you for the offer but I think you would need someone more qualified for that. Perhaps someone with an education in Archeology?