Have you curated your living room?

"It seems that we now walk around curating all day: which sandwich to have at lunch or which furniture to buy from IKEA. Have I curated my living room or my underwear drawer (I was definitely not aware of doing so)?"

Read full text about Curator - word of the year 2009. Found in a great site created by Marc Feustel where you will also find articles about Japanese photography and much more. Marc Feustel's blog is called Eyecurious.

I also learned that Marc is involved in an exhibition that will open in Stockholm later this year. Opening on March 6, Kulturhuset will exhibit photos by Hiroshi Hamaya, Tadahiko Hayashi och Shigeichi Nagano. The exhibition is called "Tokyo Stories". More about that event later here on 591. - Mr Urbano

(thanks to Andy Adams for telling me about Eyecurious)


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