rated by the Professor #1

A so called photographer called Mikael Jansson ( never heard of him ) sent this picture to be rated and reviewed.

The motif: You have got a lot to learn Mr Jonsson. This is not a beautiful or even interesting motif. What is your intention other than to make me upset? I see some randomly piled goods - badly organized and categorized ( this is probably taken in a foreign country). Is this your contributuion to the Art of photography. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The perspective: At first I did not see the very small people - is it a trick? What an ugly and distorted perspective. This is not Teskjekjerringa - you have sent a photo to one of the most respected critics in the world. Go back and retake the picture Mr Jensen! Good luck.

The Professor's rating:


tatiana said…
What a mess indeed...hehehe ! I like it a lot !
Mikael said…
Ohh, now I understand will try send u another pic that maybe is better, if not then maybe best I sell my camera and concentrate on driving my tut-tut car
Rhonda Boocock said…
You are brave Mikael...I'm too afraid to submit something to the Professor!
the Professor said…
let me see your photo Mr Johannesson, although I am not expecting too much
/ the Professor