591 Exhibition: Maurizio Cimino

The exhibition has ended

Ciudad de la furia
Buenos Aires ti entra nelle vene, languida come un bacio di
nostalgia sanguemista.
Buenos Aires degrada in un mare viola di struggente rim-
pianto che ti si fissa nel cuore.
Allegria disperata artisti di strada Sante Madres, riaffiora il
dolore.. Mansìon Serè !
I ragazzi di Moròn gridano Justicia... gatillo fàcil strascichi
di orrore.
Cartoneros affamati di vita, bordelli istituzionali, el paco
consuma ragazzini innocenti.
Il vortice ondeggiando frenetico culla scioperi cantati e am-
malia tassisti immigrati.
Buenos Aires ti brucia, ti desidera, ti stringe: passione vera
amore totale.

- Maurizio Cimino

Maurizio Cimino tells about his love for Buenos Aires in words and pictures. It is a strong vision of a city in turmoil, a city on the move. There are two things that come to my mind seeing Maurizio's pictures. The Crisis and the Tango.

Around the year of 2000 there was a collapse of the Argentian economy and the people of the city faced very harsh conditions. A state of emergency was declared resulting only in increased protest in the streets. In December 2001 many people got killed in clashes between police and protesters. I recall these events and realize that they happened just a few years ago.

Roberto Goyeneche sings:
¿Cómo olvidarte en esta queja, cafetín de Buenos Aires?
- "How can I forget you in my lament "cafetín de Buenos Aires"? If you are the only one in life who resembled my mother. In your strange association of smart guys and self-killers I learned philosophy... dice... gamble and the bitter poetry of not to think of myself." (Lyrics by: Enrique Santos Discepolo - Translated by:Ramon Peñalva) See: www.planet-tango.com

It is a city I have wanted to visit many times, but I have never got closer than to the airport on a flight to Santiago de Chile. I remember trying to feel the smell of the city, with little success. Maurizio gives me something more. Thanks. - Mr Urbano

Maurizio Cimino
Born: 1969
Lives in: Naples-Italy
Inspiration (photographers): Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka, Diane Arbus...
Quote: "Above all, I know that life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference." - Robert Frank
Website: www.mauriziocimino.com

Blog: Sweet 'n' Cruel

Also see the series Via del reposo published on 591.

"Cimino's photographic work is a kind of choice, his images are a mirror and at the same time they create a dialogue with a part of the world... they re-create a background and affirm a cultural issue, a “punctum” (Roland Barth) which allows a critic reading of photography and at the same time the demystification of enforced history." - by Pino Bertelli (free translation from text in Italian - thanks Simona!)
(Reporters Sans Frontieres)


br said…
great images! The history of Argentina and Buenos Aires could fill a huge library. it is great to see this exhibition of recent events.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Excellent series Maurizio...so good to see it here!
Mikael said…
Very nice work, Buenos aires will always have a special place in my heart
Unknown said…
thank u guys! muchas gracias,
it's true..Buenos aires is such a special place-
hasta luego
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Anonymous said…
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it