Photo exhibition in Tehran

Photo © Babak Kazemi

Photo © Gohar Dashti

Photo © Mohsen Rastani

An interesting photo exhibition by Gohar Dashti, Mohsen Rastani, Babak Kazemi opened on January 8 at Silk Road Gallery, Tehran. The exhibition will be on show until January 19.

Silk Road Gallery
More about photography from Iran on 591 : Paris Photo - three Iranian photographers


chalupczok said…
you have a sense of humor ...
Tiberio Fanti said…
I've gone through the link of the gallery and must confess all my surprise to find such an vibrant and living activity in a town from where, on the west world media, arrive only allarming and sad daily news. In some extent what I've seen is a confirmation of the huge potential of a country when culture and civilization was born.

Congratulation to the talent scout too!
Mr Urbano said…
Paris Photo is probably the world’s leading event for photography

The 2009 edition had a special focus on Arab and Iranian photography and brought together 102 exhibitors (89 galleries + 13 publishers) from 23 countries, and a record numbers of 40, 150 visitors