Berglunds tivoli - a travelling funfair

The travelling funfairs (called Tivoli in Sweden - the name originates from a place that our new author Tiberio Fanti would know about - he grew up there. It is Tivoli in Italy.)

There are many quite surreal situations and motifs that face an observant photographer. Have a look at how objects and people interact in Jurek's photos. I like the pose of the tired man in the second last picture for example - a pose repeated in a painting next to him. Or the "pig" that looks frightened or surprised as a man approaches. The owner of this tivoli, Jonny Berglund is the fourth generation of his family to run fairs.
- Mr Urbano

Pictures from Vätö, Sweden 2005

Photographer © Jurek Holzer


Rhonda Boocock said…
I love fairs...and pictures of fairs!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Yes, yes, yeeees!

There's a long story behind that I usually tell to my swedish guests/hosts when we find the time to sit at a table with a good beer in the hands. I'll get beck soon on that: I promise.