Morgan baking a "krokankaka"

Photo © Simon Johansson
Simon has got me in trouble, because I can't translate the word "krokan" or "krokankaka". I even thought about asking the Professor, but on second So if there is any of you readers of 591 out there who knows the word, please leave a comment. - Mr Urbano


Rhonda Boocock said…
I'm thinking it could be translated as 'brittle'...anyway something to do with butter and almonds. Great picture!
Mr Urbano said…
using wiki and google translator leaves me with this strange explanation;

Krokan is a pastry, made of almond paste and egg white as piquancy out in decorative patterns and baked, which subsequently merged with the melted, caramelized sugar and assembled into a tower, usually of several storeys, then decorated with icing and marzipan roses. Usual at weddings in the past. The same ingredients used to make the Danish festbakverken kransekage.