Final countdown for submissions to 591 Spring Exhibition

You still have 10 days to submit pictures for "Born in the 80's - 591 Photography Spring Exhibition". To this date we have received nearly 200 pictures from more than 30 photographers from around the world. We are glad to find so many pictures of great quality and interest, but there is room for more. So don't hesitate to send pictures to 591 - you may do it until January 31.

The process of selecting pictures and composing this exhibition will be a challenging one, and we hope to present something unique for you when the show opens on March 14.

Have a look at the rules for submitting pictures. We want colour pictures, slides, Polaroids, black and white pictures (btw don't forget to check your family albums too).

There are three different categories to chose, so it doesn't mean that you have to be born in the 80's to participate.

This exhibition will be put together by Mr Urbano and Rhonda Prince. You will find us on the contact pages - any questions just drop either of us an email.

The three categories

1. You are a photographer born in the 1980's
2. You were not born in the 80's but you have taken portraits of persons born in the 1980's ( they could be taken 25 years ago or yesterday)
3. You were not born in the 80's but you have taken the picture/pictures in the 1980's.

Send your suggestions of pictures ( 1-5 photos) to:

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