Pinhole Days - Lena Källberg


Double car


Barcelona sunshine wall

"Street crosser", shot with a matchbox pinhole camera.
Handheld shot on a bright and sunny day in Barcelona, Kodak T-max 100 film.
Lith print on Rollei Vintage 132 paper.

photos copyright Lena Källberg


Mr Urbano said…
A great start for the pinhole days - this will definitely be about the magic of photography
my favourites here:
skateboarder and sunshine on Barcelona wall
Susanne said…
Great photos!!! :D
Patrick said…
Great collection of images. I love pinhole with motion. The people images are great to look at.
Unknown said…
Nice work Lena! My favourite is the sunshine wall!
Such a beautiful quality and tone you've created, very well done. Impossible to choose one favorite!