591 Exhibition: Mikael Johansson -The imminence of representation, anxiety and masculinity

From "We are Men" © Mikael Johansson

Continuing with the portraits from my last studio sessions, my aim for this project was to let the model take me into their own spaces instead of me bringing them to the studio. This work questions the portrait and different ways of seeing by portraying young males. The models are surrounded by their own environment, cynically capturing what might be described as the only two things worth having: youth and beauty.


From "Lots of people talk and few of them know" © Mikael Johansson

The work of Mikael Johansson is very interesting and promising - in this exhibition he presents two projects linked together with a main title; "The imminence of representation, anxiety and masculinity".
- Mr Urbano

Gareth Longstaff has remarked about Mikael's work; "The gaze is abstracted and out of line, in that moment of suspended time which the camera has the power to capture the subject is simultaneously the haunter and the haunted"