591 Exhibition: Trine Søndergaard - Denmark in Transition

Trine Søndergaard is one of my favourite photographers and I am glad to present her contribution to the major Danish photographic project called "Denmark in Transition". - Mr Urbano

DENMARK IN TRANSISTION is the biggest art photography project in Danish history. Some of Denmarks most accomplished photographers creates an image of Denmark from 2008 to 2009. The Danish landscape with its shorelines, harbours and cities has always attracted the attention of artists, painters and photographers. The project will examine how nature and culture interacts with each other in the landscape that surrounds us. What is the relationship between human life and the natural conditions at this present time?

The participating artists are: Jørgen Borg, Peter Brandes, Christina Capetillo, Krass Clement, Joakim Eskildsen, Mads Gamdrup, Nicolai Howalt, John Jedbo, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Fie Johansen, Kirsten Klein, Janne Klerk, Henrik Saxgren and Trine Søndergaard.
BACK TO THE FUTURE  by Gitte Broeng 

Throughout Denmark there are landscapes lying in wait, ready to return to nature. Cultivated areas that were – maybe for centuries – burdened by farming, are to be set free to play a positive role in the Danish landscape of the future. This is the basic idea behind the many nature rehabilitation projects that are a high priority in current environmental policy. Lost nature coming home. Damage repaired. Nature rehabilitation with an element of atonement. Elevated ethics, that at the end of the day are yet another expression of human control, just like the interventions that destroyed nature in the first place.

For Denmark in Transition Trine Søndergaard has photographed nature rehabilitation projects throughout Denmark. All of them are funded by the state and can thus be seen to represent the ‘official’ view of nature. Her images also portray some of the paradoxes of these efforts: that some life forms have to be sacrificed so others can thrive. Among Søndergaard’s subjects is the West Forest. Since 1967, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency has been buying areas west of Copenhagen – former farms and nurseries – to plant forests. 

One of the images shows a derelict building. The roof is overgrown and virtually merges with its green surroundings. In their own quiet way, these images depict the changes in the landscape revealed by small details. They also show nature being helped on its way. But still a nature that can only grow at the mercy of culture.

Pictures © Trine Søndergaard

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