Pariscopes – on display in Vogue and in New York exhibition

The collage series "Pariscopes" is now seen both in Italian Vogue and in the New York based art gallery LeBazart’s exhibition in Chelsea, New York. The opening is on the 14th of October and the exhibition goes on through the weekend.

The series "Pariscopes" are images of places visited by Simon Johansson and Marlene Lindmark - photos and drawings of people and the traces they leave. Environment, text fragments, graffiti and wall structures forms the background of the pictures.

Pariscopes were presented in October 2009 as a 591 Photography online exhibition.

One  image illustrates an article about LeBazart in the September edition of Italian Vogue

Simon and Marlene invites you to the Goldsmith Studio 350, Starrett-Lehigh Building, 601 West 26th Street, New York. Opening: Thursday October 14th from 6 to 10 pm. Show continues until Sunday 17th.

Pariscopes, info och pictures
Pariscopes on 591 Photography


Mr said…
I really like your collages and it's good to hear that they are recognized and presented to the public in many different ways! Good work
Urbano said…
Mr is Mr Urbano