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Photo © AnaStasia Rudenko

I am deeply impressed by the work of AnaStasia Rudenko. Her images are strong, direct and often masterfully composed. This series should be exhibited in many more places. I hope this will happen. AnaStasia has the potential of becoming a true "maestra". - Mr Urbano

AnaStasia Rudenko
Born 1982
Lives in: Russia, Moscow
Inspiration (photographers): Weegee, Arbus
Inspiration (other): Painting, Music, Dogs
Film, digital or both: both


br said…
yes, great work!!
NIklas Korte said…
Michael W said…
Ludvig Nordahl said…
beautiful pictures, made me think of the swedish artist l.t. fisk
Altnőder Emese said…
hello Anastasia!:)
nice exhibition
Mikael said…
Intimate, strong and above all very good
Wonderfully composed! I would love to see these prints hanging in a gallery some day. Excellent!
Mikael Good said…
This is among the best in documentary photo that I've seen in a very long time. I have spent lots of time in Latvia and I have met many Russians who live there and I recognize both the characters and environments in your photos. You have a special gift to tell interesting stories in pictures Anastasia take good care of that gift!
//Mikael Good