The Insiders - Amy Touchette

The Insiders are portraits of strangers I passed by while walking around New York City. The vulnerability and freedom of being an individual in a sea of other individuals gives New Yorkers a more intimate understanding of fellow man than those living elsewhere. In a population this diverse, community is formed through myriad differences—not as communities ordinarily congeal, through vines of similarities. 

In New York City, there is no one who doesn’t belong; even the most extreme individual is expected to be here. As a result, friends and foes don't necessarily wear the expected uniforms, and all individuals hold a potential for connection. It is insider information.
I also wanted to mention that when I went to the Capture Brooklyn opening, I definitely took a closer look at Valery Rizzo's photographs. They are gorgeous and they do capture Brooklyn quite beautifully.

- Amy Touchette


All photos © Amy Touchette

I like Amy Touchette's thinking about photography in this series called "The Insiders". She has created some fine and memorable street portraits from her city. - Mr Urbano
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Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful portraits!
Michael W said…
Very good!!
Mikael said…
Great portraits, love projects like this and this is well performed
Valery Rizzo said…
Amy......Thanks for going to the exhibit and for your comment. I love your portraits and work as well. I am going to your website now. Ciao, Valery
Valery Rizzo said…
I knew I had recognized your work, you were also in the Capture Brooklyn exhibition. Really liked your work!
amy touchette said…
Hi Valery! Your work is exquisite. It was great being in the exhibit with you!
Anonymous said…
Amy :-) great compliment for your portrait photograhy !!!