591 Exhibition: Mikael Good - Greetings from Latvia - Sveicieni no Latvijas!

Greetings from Latvia - Sveicieni no Latvijas! 

Latvia is the European country that has suffered most by the economic crisis and the country is now in a deep economic depression. The needs are bigger today then when Latvia gained its independence in 1991 and regained a country that had been devastated by 47 years of Soviet occupation.

The pictures of the families in the exibition are taken during many of Mikaels trips to Latvia. Mikael has been working close with the Swedish NGO organization Star of Hope (Hoppets Stjärna). Mikael's images and texts are characterized by both love, respect and care for those he meets.

"Maybe I'm naive but I believe that poverty will be eradicated when rich and poor people meet. I hope that I can bring about a meeting between rich and poor people through my photos and texts."

I am an advocate of simple straight photography, free of special effects and manipulations. The essence of my photography is to highlight the people in the pictures and invite the viewer to a personal meeting. To quote Sebastião Salgado: "To me documentary photography is about human dignity."

Mikael Good, Photojournalist & Writer
Born: 1968 in Borås, Sweden
Lives in: Husqvarna, Sweden
Inspiration: Josef Koudelka, Sebastião Salgado, Dorothea Lange, Werner Bischof, Christer Strömholm, Sune Jonsson and Cartier Bresson.
Latest exhibitions: Greetings from Latvia, Lastbil 2010, Elmia, Jönköping
Comming exhibitions: Greetings from Latvia, Fjällräven Center, Örnsköldsvik, 1-12 november. 


Snapshot said…
FINALLY YOU'RE HERE! Good work M Good.
br said…
great documentary work!!
Anonymous said…
Just som jag skulle ta och utropa dokumentärfotografins död i Sverige !!
Då dyker det upp två unga och duktiga svenska dokumentärfotografer från ingenstans !! De ger mig framtidshopp gör genren !!
Tack Markus Jenemark och Mikael Good för era mästerliga och engagerade dokumentärfoton !!
Ni har sannerligen framtiden för er !!
Mikael said…
Very good work, feels warm and genuine!
Great photos! This is documentary photo at its best.