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Xenophobia has been around for a long time in my country. As a result of yesterday's elections, a political party with xenophobia as a principal part of their programme will take seat in the Swedish Riksdag. It is a shame. It is a disgrace.

But the kids are all right and they will turn the tables in due time. Tonight a 17 year old girl managed to gather more than 20 000 people in protest against xenophobia and racism in the center of Stockholm.

Demonstration in Stockholm


Paolo Saccheri said…
in Italy the northern-rooted political party "Lega" dislikes the southern people and wants the foreigners and roma people to go away from "their" lands.
One of their Mayors opened a new elementary school with thousands logos of their party everywhere (desks, chairs, doors, windows, roof, entrance carpets)... it is better to grow all children with your ideas.
They say it is an ancient symbol... yes, like the fascist party logo was too.
A political shame.
Mikael said…
Yes and I´m ashamed to be swedish by that result, rasists should never have a place on this earth, lets hope we can fight them thru word and demonstrations so they know that the majority dont accept it