Third generation - Hadas Tapouchi

I am researching a possible link between the Holocaust in previous Nazi-Germany and the social reality of contemporary queer culture in Tel Aviv, using photography and video art.

I have begun to photograph and interview people of the Tel Aviv queer scene. I personally know each one of the models and participants. I found it interesting that every model was part of the "third generation"*. That raised a question – "Is there a connection between wars and sexuality - especially in the heterosexual reality of Israel, which is ruled by patriotism and masculinity?”

- Hadas Tapouchi

Hadas Tapouchi 
Born August 26, 1981 in Israel.  Studies: "Minshar School of Art" and literature B.A degree.  Master at " Beit-berl " academy for art.
Video festivals:
2010 videoholica-video festival- Varna, Bulgaria.
2010 Urban Research-Berlin, Germany.
2010 MIDEN Video Art Festival, Kalamata, Greece.
2010 UCLA – international symposium on soundscapes .
2009 Video exhibition at a conference that deal with genocide - Tel Aviv University.
2009 "Piégés par la Liberté(=Trapped in Freedom),an installation multimédia interactive in France


Leovi said…
excelentes y poéticas fotos
cafe selavy said…
My gosh, these are good. I love the strangeness of the light that reflects the strangeness of the situations. A perfect compliment.
Mikael said…
Very good work