Pinhole Days - Call for entries

You are invited to share your pinhole captures on 591 Photography as we intend to celebrate Pinhole Days. Send your pictures to Please send images not larger than 700x700 pixels. You may send up to 5 pictures.

Deadline is Oct 10 and we plan to start publishing your pinhole photos in mid October. Your host of this event is Jan Bernhardtz, a great Swedish photographer who has contributed a lot to 591 Photography.

 Photos © Jan Bernhardtz

Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens. Light passes through the hole and an image is formed in the camera. Originally there was the Camera Obscura. An image was captured through a hole and projected upside down on a wall.

Cameras have been made of cardboard boxes, beer cans or cookie containers. A cheap 120 folding camera can be modified to become a pinhole camera. A few commercial cameras are also available. Pinhole images are softer than pictures made with a lens and small details vanish. They have nearly infinite depth of field. Wide angle images remain rectilinear. Exposures are long, ranging from a quarter of a second to several hours. Images are exposed either on film or paper or captured by a digital camera.

Pinhole photography is the opposite to the sharp and well exposed images we often see in photo galleries and magazines. It's a slow and meditative way to photograph and very anti-snapshot.

- Jan Bernhardtz


Patrick said…
I am looking forward to this and hope to see some great images. So glad to of found this blog.