Sanna Sjöswärd - exhibition "Eldsjälar"

Photo © Sanna Sjöswärd

"Eldsjäl" is a word for a devoted person ( a devotee ) who is enthuisiastic and inspiring. Sanna has made portraits of such persons.
The exhibition is held at Sturehof, a restaurant with more than 100 year old history, situated in Stureplan in the centre of Stockholm.

Opening vernissage on 5 September. The exhibition is on until 10 October.

This is a group exhibition ( Höstsalong ). The participating photographers are : Sven-Hugo Persson Stina Virsèn Ulf Killander Sanna Sjöswärd Pelle Bergström Carouschka Streiffert Martin Wickström and Lotta Kuhlhorn

Check Sanna's website ( in Swedish) for more info.