about subtopia

Subtopia is an attempt to build a creative cluster focused on film, media, circus, variety arts and street performance. It is located in Alby - a suburban area south of Stockholm. The Hangar is a permanent stage for circus - one of few such places in Sweden.

I have a special relation to Alby, since I spent the summers of the early 1960's there when the population was less than a hundred. The area of Subtopia is located close to a lake in a beautiful environment with many old and large buildings, now inhabited by young creators from the suburb and from other places in Stockholm. I payed a visit to the Subtopia festival and got a few captures with the Rollei. - Mr Urbano

Website www.subtopia.se

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar


br said…
thanks for the background info on Subtopia...great fotos of an interesting place!
GC said…
i want to move to Subtopia!