591 Exhibition - Jean-François Spricigo - Settembre

Photos © Jean-François Spricigo

"I found a book by Jean-François Spricigo in 2006, in a hooded corner of the biggest Hungarian photographic bookshop. He touched my soul and inspired me a lot. That's why I really wanted to show him to the readers of 591 Photography. Since then I have always looked for him, to find new publications.
Last year he won the prize "2009 Nominé prix découverte des Rencontres d’Arles". On the other hand, I don't think it is necessary to introduce him from this edge (as an awardwinning photographer), it's enough to just have a look at his art. Every picture tells a long story, and in every heart it finds a way to entertain. I honestly suggest you to watch this online exhibition and I hope that his pictures will find an understanding audience."
Vera Fehér
Website: www.joug.org


br said…
wonderfully creative work!!
Ludvig Nordahl said…
dark, twisted and beautiful
Mikael said…
Expressive and impressive
Paolo Saccheri said…
great images!
Michael W said…
Great! Inspiring.