Disintegration of a Revived Nation - Yaniv Waissa

Archaeological Site, Arce 2008

Construction Site, Beit Hananiya 2009

Down Town, Haifa 2008

Empty Parking, Tel Aviv 2009
We are always happy to hear from you photographers out there. The visual landscape of this world is changing and ( if you ask us ) photography is the art of our times. It is a priviligue to be able to bring you pictures from all around the planet on 591 Photography. Have a look at Yaniv's fine series called "Disintegration of a Revived Nation".   

He says: "I deal with the urban revolution, manifested in the massive construction of buildings, roads, bridges and all kinds of huge concrete structures. Man is gradually reducing nature and neutralizes the past in its path"

Stay with 591 Photography for more work by Yaniv Waissa later on.

Grand Canyon, Haifa 2008

Grand Canyon, Haifa 2009

Haneviim Court, Jerusalem 2009

Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, 2009

Neighborhood, Acre 2008

Promenade, Qiryat Eliezer, Haifa 2008

Ratner Yohanan St, Haifa 2009

The Big Brother, Tel Aviv, 2009
Yaniv Waissa
Born(year): 1978
Lives in: Jerusalem
Latest exhibition: 'Potemkin village' - part of Surgary Photographs with Tricks, Poses and Effects- a festival on photography, Antwerp 2010
Coming, planned exhibition: "The Defect as Effect"- toy camers in the digital age in The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
Inspiration (photographers): Dieter Appelt, Robert Adams, Sally Mann, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Igael Shemtov and many more
Inspiration (other): music, dreams, life
Film, digital or both: film (mostly b&w but also slides and polaroids)
Quote: "The Storm Still Rages Inside" - Orphaned Land


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