Tina Messing - bus driver and photographer

In the course of one year bus driver Tina Messing takes photographs of her day-to-day life, producing a series of colourful and surprising pictures. Being constantly on the move an at the same time standing still in traffic jams, waiting for the light to turn to green and for the right departure time, creates opportunities for innumerable and unexpected observations. With her camera ready in her bus bag she captures a Stockholm in motion, the beauty of a November rainstorm and people as thinking beeings. In sum the pictures tell the story of the street as a kaleidoscope of happenings. There and then somethings happens. Suddenly you see!

Photo © Tina Messing

I will definitely go to Spårvägsmuseet to see Tina's pictures (I know who will come along with me - he is 5 years old) Tinas pictures and her idea about photography appeals to me a lot. She captures her daily life and she has got a vision. That is a great thing. - Mr Urbano

Tina's website www.tinamessing.se

The complete series of 108 pictures is exhibited at the Tramway Museum (Spårvägsmuseet) in Stockholm until the 11th of April. Some 50 of these pictures are included in the book "Among Stockholms lines" (Mellan Stockholms linjer) published by Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget.

Tina Messing has previously published a book "Händelser vid ratten", a series of reflections on what it is to be a person in the Stockholm transport system. Apart from photografer and bus driver, she is also a freelance writer and columnist both in newspapers and journals.


Unknown said…
Interesting and great!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
excellent...love the way she combines her job and her photography!