Liese Ricketts 13x56

Lucy, 13
Photo © Liese Ricketts
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For over thirty years I have taught photography to students who are thirteen to eighteen years old. Each year I age; the faces of those before me remain young. I am amazed at the striking and radical change between 8th grade and freshman year. Each year I observe the changes that happen with their bodies, attitudes, and abilities. The freshness, openness, and translucency of my young students’ faces soon change to something else.

I do not know whether I am more photographer than teacher or more teacher than photographer. The line has blurred very comfortably.

Liese A Ricketts


cafe selavy said…
This one enters a different realm from the others. Bolder, I think.
Johan said…
Great! I Like most of the Portraits in the Series. Some of Them are Really F...... Good!
br said…
again, you are doing some great work...because you are there and are able to see the youth you are photographing. I think that you have a unique talent and opportunity to see youth without being pedantic. your photos are beautiful and understated.