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A so called photographer called Rhonda Prince sent this...thing to me. Dear Rihanna, since you are a woman you are excused for not mastering the technical (and very important) aspects of photography. You are probably not familiar with the terminology - but this...thing, you have sent to me is a Double Exposure. It means that you forgot to advance the film in your camera, so what you have here are two (2) exposures in one single frame.

Please read the manual carefully, before you go out to photograph next time dear Rosa!
Eventually you will perhaps get the hang of it. Good hunting!

The Professor's rating:


Rhonda Boocock said…
Isn't that professor so kind to give women a lesser standard to live up to? Good to know that double exposures are bad...I had no idea. Does any have a holga manual I can borrow?
br said…
oops, the Pretentious forgot to advance his mind. :))
paulboo said…
It's not a female mistake, happens to me quite often with my Holga, I blame the advancing years for my absent mindedness!! Serendipity is a wonderful thing!
Deliberate or accident, this is wonderful despite the professors lack of imagination and slavish adherence to 'rules'!! :o))
samyk said…
real nice photos !! :)

the Professor said…
Bah! ( to mr Boopaul)
GC said…
oh, that Professor is one tough guy!