most liveable cities in the world?

The Economist Intelligence Unit, according to themselves; "the world's foremost provider of country, industry and management analysis" has ranked the "most liveable cities" in the world. The top ten list is dominated by cities from Canada and Australia. The ranking also tells us about the "least liveable cities" (the bottom ten).
Link to the results of the survey

I am a skeptic to such lists, but it would still be interesting to see photos from the top ten (and bottom ten) cities, photos that support the ranking or perhaps tell a completely diferent story. Send your pictures to 591. See contact page for email addresses. - Mr Urbano

1 Vancouver, Canada

2 Vienna, Austria
3 Melbourne, Australia
4 Toronto, Canada
5 Calgary, Canada
6 Helsinki, Finland
7 Sydney, Australia
8 Perth, Australia
9 Adelaide, Australia
10 Auckland New Zealand

130 Dakar, Senegal
132 Colombo, Sri Lanka
133 Kathmandu, Nepal
134 Douala
135 Karachi
136 Lagos
137 Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
138 Algiers
138 Dhaka
140 Harare