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Another so called photographer sent this badly taken, unfocused picture. I will not go into detail about the inadequate exposure (the black formless blob to the left is a dog doing his business). No there are even worse things to say about this.

The incompetent person behind this is called Mr Urbano. I beleive it is the same gentleman that I once interviewed. It was a complete waste of time because Mr Bludderbano did not say a word!

Mr Ubahn has probably seen some street photography and decided to give it a try. I don't expect him to know anything about the great philosophers of ancient Greece, but one of them said: "It is better to hide our ignorance". If I translate this to something that Mr Uturn perhaps will understand it says: "Better just pretending to take a photo and be thought a fool, than actually take a photo and remove all doubt."

Street photography is about timing and feeling, Mr Urgent lacks both. Have a look:

Nothing here, nothing there. Is it interesting or beautiful? No!

A bit crowdy isn't it? Or perhaps you would like to throw in a couple of kids playing football, some street musicians and a fire squad? How about it Mr Rubano?

Well, I see a dog (where is the owner?) a three legged person in a hurry, a running man and three senior citizens discussing something.
Why, Mr Bureano? Have you ever heard of the importance of using the frame in a photograph (the space you are given) in a decent way?

Don't try to blame it on the camera, the weather or a headache...this is...

Mr Urbano: I said Mondays! You were only supposed to appear here on Mondays! It is over midnight CET. It is Tuesday!
...sound of angry voices and things breaking.

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