Photographer © m.agejev

This makes me think of that the sound of a dog barking is "Vov vov, voff voff or bjäbb bjäbb" in Swedish and "yap yap, arf arf, ruff ruff, or bow wow" in English. Or "hev hev, hauv hauv, hov hov" in Turkish, just to mention a few. This is one of life´s big mysteries.


Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
Excellent photo agejev
I hope to see more shopping carts
they are expressive and photogenic!
Paolo Saccheri said…
and the italian "bau bau" ?!?
hehehe, wish I have a dog saying baubau

b.t.w. I know this nice inspirating picture!
Simona said…
i love this perspective , wow