What strikes me when walking the streets of Jakarta is how open and friendly most people are and for me who loves meeting people its a goldmine. Sure its hard for me as a "bule" (foreigner) to go undercover and melt into the crowd but for me its amazing that in a multimillion city people shout at you, waving and want you to sit down and talk to them for a moment.
For me its the meeting that is important, to hear their story and it can be from company vp´s, shop owners, common people passing by, beggars etc... stories that will go with me for the rest of my life. It also gives me a peak of their character and when taking photos of them I try to capture that glimpse of their character and if I succeed with that, then my day is made.


Anonymous said…
I am thinking of a couple of great Swedish photographers while reading your text. Sune Jonsson and Georg Oddner were often talking about the meeting with people as an essential part of their photography. I am glad to see these pictures they make me a little more familiar with people of Jakarta. Great work!
Rhonda Boocock said…
As someone who doesn't meet new people easily it always fascinates me to see your photography! Wonderful!
Anonymous said…
wonderful capture the light in the eyes and great interactions.

Unknown said…
"...stories that will go with me for the rest of my life" Your words Mikael and your photos.
This must be the most important things in life... meetings with other people...sometimes very special meetings.
bagustyo said…
aloha "Bule"

he..he..., how hot it is jakarta ? any way , how it feel ,meet Indonesia people ,especially who live in rural area