Down The Escalator

Photo © Mikael Raymond

I received some fine individual pictures from Mikael Raymond. He tells me that he is inspired by the French and Eastern Europe scene of photography (well, he seems to have come to the right place). Mikael wants to express the special Nordic light in his photos. He is also a trained musician. I will publish more of Mikael's work and hope to get to know him better.


Rhonda Boocock said…
My favorite...glad you posted this one. Thank you Mikael for sending Ulf these pictures...all were beautiful. Looking forward to more.
Mikael said…
Nice movement, feels like I´m drawn into the escalator
Anonymous said…
Thanks for choosing my work to put up at your site. Very much appreciated.

Mikael Raymond
Paolo Saccheri said…
very fine photograph.
Waiting to see more!
vera fehér said…
This picture tells me that Mikael is very talented :) The other ones (will) also give evidence of this fact.