A small report from a move

Today was the big moving day for Mr Urbano, most things ran smoothly and there was even a reporter from a small magazine there to make a reportage. Plants were saved, some heavy lifts that made lillebror all exhausted, some discussions and some catch of breath here and there and when the sun went down all stuff were at the new place.


Rhonda Boocock said…
lovely report Mikael...glad Mr. Urbano is safe and sound in his new digs.
Anonymous said…
very cool Mikael and thanks for your help! I am with Fanny and Kenny now and I had some excellent chicken soup and wine - now I will sleep for the rest of this month
(the pic with Johannes and the stripes is a small masterpiece in my always so very humblie opinion - and lillebror is a tough guy isn't he
we will have a beer soon! Or two
Anonymous said…
mil gracias por poner estas fots. this is the best...to see a virtual friend in action...happy that you are safe and drinking beer. !

your friend, bea
Anonymous said…
A new window view for Mr. Urbano....!

Anonymous said…
Well done! Lillebror must be exhausted ,) /E
br said…
great fabulous fotos, Mikael!