Butter Eyes OR As I See It by Ken Richardson

photo © Ken Richardson

Once I expressed to Ken how much I admired this photo and the way that he sees things. He was kind enough to share his wisdom on the subject of seeing:

"I scout an area days before I shoot. Then on the day I have chosen, I wake early, before sunrise and set up before the sun comes up. (Bring a flashlight)

As the sun comes up over the horizon, directly stare into its golden warmth for approximately 30 minutes. Don't blink and don't turn away. That's for sissies. You want to see it go from a mere sliver of light to its full roundness. In the event of cloud cover, add 3 hours.

When you start smelling smoke, this is when you reach for your camera bag that you have previously placed where you can get to it without really being able to see it.

You will grab the squeeze bottle of margarine, I prefer, I Can't Believe Its Butter, but brand is of no consequence.

Apply the butter salve to your eyeballs like visine.

Soon you will detect an aroma reminiscent of grandma's fresh baked muffins. At this point if you are like me you will get sentimental and begin to tear up. Now don't go to pieces cause you don't want to wash away the wonder salve.

This is the moment you are waiting for. With all of the determination you can muster, feel your way to the camera, and try like hell to focus, you won't be able to but it makes you look professional. Now pull the trigger. Your image will look just like this one. :) "


Mikael said…
Hehehe...truly a great story and image too
Anonymous said…
An excellent Ken story
very original and unique
powerful butter