Crosstown traffic

When I had a look on these images I instantly came to think of a video by Jimi Hendrix and the song Crosstown traffic, really don´t know why it just popped up. Maybe its the characters or my mind from the bustling traffic in 12 million city Jakarta (depends on who you ask or where you read, metropolitan area has some 23 million people) that plays me a trick. I´ve been in many real big cities around the world but never have i seen such traffic as i Jakarta, its not a city for pedestrians though sidewalks are rare and the polution from cars, bikes, buses, trucks and bajaj´s are breathtaking and not to mention quiet a few kamikaze drivers. However the people are very nice but that will come in another post.


Anonymous said…
The everyday life of megacities like Mumbai, Shanghai, Istanbul, Jakarta, São Paulo is a very interesting subject. I would love to see more of that. Your picture is electric, packed with smog. the energy and stress of the people. The music is perfect.