Tokyo Nights - Daniel Griffin

I love to read books and one of my favorite authors is Haruki Murakami and for the moment I´m reading "After Dark" by him and its set to the Tokyo night and some strange nocturnal happenings during one night and when I found Daniel Griffin´s Tokyo Nights on Flickr I instantly felt an connection to the book and the images touched me deep inside. Haruki Murakami have a way of balancing surreality and reality in a remarkable way, however Daniel´s work is most real but they deliver a state of mind that only can be felt during nighttime and he has captured the character of the human beings so well.

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© Daniel Griffin


mrurbano said…
Excellent work Daniel. Many thanks for being with us on 591 with Tokyo Nights!
Paolo Saccheri said…
a wonderful series of great portraits in a very personal style!!
Anonymous said…
great work!

Rhonda Boocock said…
very provocative work!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic ! A delight !