591 - three months today

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

591 Photography went online on November 9 last year. Three months have passed. How time flies. So much has happened, so many great meetings since the start of this journey.

My sincere thanks to all of you out there contributing and supporting this initiative. Is there enough creativity around to keep this thing going. I am positive. Is ther enough fuel? Oh yes! 591 is fueled by the light. So... as long as there is light...
- Mr Urbano


Anonymous said…
Hehehe....! Have a long life 591 !!!

Tiberio Fanti said…
Ciao Ulf,
I've been away for a while: not that far from you, to be honest. But I never missed to "peek" through your window. I'm glad to see how your building is growing. I can't really imagine where you're sourcing all this power and energy. I'm happy for you.

Well, I cannot say when I'll be fully operative again. I have a huge mountain to climb in front of me: too much work, but it's important to me. The last economic downturn has changed a little my list of priorities. I'm still tiding up my room. :-)

Happy anniversary to 591.

br said…
happy three months...the light shines from 591... down to earth, unpretentious and with a heart. thank you for your efforts.

and: hey, Tiberio, send something asap. : )
Paolo Saccheri said…
three months! It seems a longer journey... this means it's been a time full of light and food for my eyes and soul!
This is the room where I met friends from other countries... and we are organizing a real exhibition in Italy now!
A Genova-Budapest connection under the enlighting path of 591!! :))
Chris said…
Happy anniversery!

You and all the Spacecowboys/girls have done a great job!
Rhonda Boocock said…
"as long as there is light..." Long live 591!
Mikael said…
Woow, party every three month ;)
Good work from you old man :))