Kvismaren - from Jan Bernhardtz point of view

This week you will be with Jan again to discover the world from his point of view by seeing pictures from the nature reserve Kvismaren.

Kvismaren consists of large, grazed wet meadows, scrubland, reed beds and open areas of shallow water. In spring and autumn the area is visited by thousands of resting geese and cranes. The varied waterscape also attracts large numbers of other wetland birds. To prevent the shallow lakes from becoming overgrown, water levels are regulated using simple pump technology.

Grazing and hay-making help to keep the wet grasslands open. Öby Hill, well-known as a unique hibernation site for snakes, forms the nucleus of the nature reserve. From the hill you have a panoramic view across the entire site, and it is here that several of the nature reserve’s paths and circuits begin.

Photos © Jan Bernhardtz

Northeast of Östra fågelsjön is the Sörön nature reserve, whose deciduous forests make the place a gem for excursions. Sörön is wonderful all year round, but especially so in spring, when wood anemone and liverleaf (Hepatica nobilis) carpet the ground beneath the trees.

Kvismaren is one of Sweden’s most important wetlands.

(from a text about Kvismaren provided by Örebro Municipality)


br said…
wetlands..........beautifully seen. thank you!
Rhonda Boocock said…
gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous...a pleasure to see!
Anonymous said…
...superb...superb !!!

cafe selavy said…
Jan needs an endowment or a grant to allow him to live and photograph only. Otherwise, we are being cheated out of his incredible talent.

What are the possibilities in Sweden?
Anonymous said…
I agree Selavy
When the cultural establishment discovers 591Photography (if ever) and the great photographers who participate, I shall send them an application for holding live exhibitions
And Jan would certainly be one of the first in line. However I know that his work will be on display on Fotokompaniet in Gothenburg this summer. I hope it is just a beginning. Stay tuned for more from Kvismaren - breathtaking pictures.
Mikael said…
Superb work, that last one goes straight to my heart!
Chris said…
Great work Jan, love it!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you all for your wonderful words!