Sune Jonsson

Swedish master photographer Sune Jonsson passed away on Jan 30 at the age of 79. He received the Hasselblad Foundation award in 1993 and published many memorable books. See a slideshow at Moment Agency with pictures by Sune Jonsson and listen to him telling about his photography.

Rest in peace Maestro.


Paolo Saccheri said…
this is, for me, one of the most interesting and beautiful links ever posted.
Thank you!
br said…
thank you for the Moment slideshow link. heroic and emotive fotos...the endurance and internal strength of women and men and children. beautiful
Mikael said…
Yes, its a great loss for swedish photography that Sune has passed away.
Have admired his work for a long time and cant think of anyone that have captured the swedish countryside with its people so well