Pinhole Days ending on 591!

 photo copyright Pat Lynch
Thank you all pinhole photographers for contributing to 591's Pinhole Days. You have shown what can be achieved with a camera without an expensive lens but with your imagination and patience. Time is a valuable asset concerning pinhole photography! Photographers who are keen to try this kind of image making, these links should help you on the way.

Mr Pinhole
Pinhole Designer
Populist pinhole camera (pdf)
10 paper cameras
The Dippold Camera

Jan Bernhardtz

Thank you so much Jan for hosting this event. It has been a pleasure to watch all pinhole photographs that you have selected for our viewers. Pinhole Days - The Album will publish tomorrow on 591's birthday. Take care and we are looking forward to your cooperation in future 591 projects. - Mr Urbano


br said…
thank you, Jan, for the great editing, curating work that you did for pinholes. excellent!!