Black Betty Portraits - Amy Touchette

The Black Betty Portraits

When Black Betty lost its lease after ten years, plans to capture the elusively unique intimacy and camaraderie it had spawned began almost immediately. A small, dark, neighborhood club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Black Betty was the heart of the local music scene. One idea owners Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover had was to commission me to make portraits of some of the many people who were particularly connected to Black Betty. This is a selection of those photographs, which were taken inside the club a couple of weeks before it closed in June 2009.
- Amy Touchette

Amy Touchette presents the people who used to visit Black Betty. By doing so, she leaves us to imagine what the place was like. We have to look at the people, their eyes, there body expressions, the way they dress etc. I think it is a quite genial approach and these are some very good portraits. - Mr Urbano

Photos © Amy Touchette


br said…
beautiful portraits to remember a place and time. !!
Paolo Saccheri said…
not being a lover of studio portraits I find these superb and original, shot in such an everyday place, may be people finds themselves at home...
very fine photograhy.
dick said…
wonderful sensuous portrait of sensuous people and I believe Amy is that kind of person also
Mikael said…
Great portraits

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