Hiroh Kikai at Liget Galeria, Budapest

A clerk who was letting her hair grow long, 1987
photo © Hiroh Kikai

"I print in a room that is about 4.5 tatami mats in size [Translator’s note:  one tatami mat is generally 90 cm wide and 180 cm long]. 

The water source is my bathtub. It’s pretty inconvenient, but since I don’t print that many pictures in one day, it’s totally fine. Nowadays, I don’t work in the darkroom for very long, but on days when I do go into the darkroom, I get so excited that sometimes I find it hard to sleep later. It’s because I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the prints when they get wet."
- Hiroh Kikai

Ági Vedres writes me from Budapest telling about an exhibition she has visited. I am truly thankful to receive such information from you dear readers of 591 Photography. Watching the pictures by Hiroh Kikai on the Galeria Liget site is a formidable experience.

I strongly recommend you to visit Galeria Liget in real life or if you can't get to Budapest - please listen to what Hiroh Kikai has to say about his work in an interview made by Noriko Fuku - if you are not among the 11 million people who understand Hungarian, just scroll down the page to find the English version translated by Eric C. Shiner - Mr Urbano

look for Current Exhibitions and continue to Hiroh Kikai 
Marc Feustel of Eyecurious has interviewed this great photographer as well. I recommend you to have a look: Interview Hiroh Kikai- A man in the cosmos


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